Hi, I'm Gia

I seek to collaborate with people to understand their needs, and integrate the insights to create positive experiences.


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Reach me at phua.lihua@gmail.com.

Delivering a comprehensive caregiving experience

The productisation of a caregiving experience

Improving the accessibility of the Grab app, Enabling disability

How I adapted Grab app to meet the needs of People with Disabilities.

Designing the interface of a Battlefield Military System

The project goal was to leverage technology and digitise the execution of warfare by soldiers. Find out how I got around the challenge of designing for unfamiliar context of use.

Designing a cryptocurrency website

How I designed the content for a cryptocurrency business to appeal to a wider audience.

Lowering the barriers for stakeholders to be involved in design studios

How might we lower the barriers for stakeholders to be involved in design co-creation?

Designing a Plan Builder to help customers customise their mobile plan

Bringing the experience of customising their own mobile plan to the hands of customers.

Revamping the website of an Asset Management House

Experimenting with a leaner way of delivering UX work.

Designing a seamless user flow for a branch locator

"This design has turned into a monster." the exasperated client said. Find out how I deconstructed and designed a seamless user flow and friendly interface.